About Iasis Solutions

Psychiatry & Mental Health located in Framingham, MA

Iasis Solutions

Iasis Solutions is a psychiatry practice in Framingham, Massachusetts..The practice offers nursing and evidence-based, integrative, and holistic mental health care for patients aged 12  and up from all walks of life. 

The practice specializes in lasting mental health solutions for individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, and more. It provides talk therapy, counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), stress management services, and medication prescription and management for adults, teens, and seniors. 

Educated in geripsychology, Virginia understands that aging adults have unique mental health challenges that often go unmet. Committed to meeting the needs of these important community members, Iasis Solutions also offers specialized senior therapy.

To ensure accessibility for all, regardless of distance, work and parenting schedules, or physical limitations, patients may receive high-quality care in-office or virtually via telepsychiatry. Depression, anxiety, and fear, whether chronic or acute, can make you feel trapped in your own mind. Fortunately, there’s help. If you’re interested in psychiatry or mental health treatment, look no further than Iasis Solutions. Contact the practice online or over the phone today to learn more.